All forms must be completely filled out and returned before a child enters the program.  All forms are subject to yearly renewal and must be kept up to date.

Children will not be enrolled unless an immunization record is presented and immunizations are up-to-date.  If your child is unimmunized due to religious, personal, or medical reasons, please notify us so you can sign an affidavit.

All children enter the program on a two-week trial basis, during which either party may cancel without notice.  At the end of this period, the parent(s) and provider will talk about how the child has adjusted to the new setting.

Advance payment is required for the entire two-week period, but there is no obligation to continue in the program after the period is up.

If care will begin at a later date, advance payment for the first week of child care will hold a place for the child.  This payment will not be refunded if the child does not begin on the date agreed upon.

A Parent-Provider Contract may be terminated at the provider’s discretion with two weeks  notice if we believe that continued care of a particular child might be detrimental to the child or the program.

A Parent-Provider Contract will be terminated at the provider’s discretion with one week notice if the payment is not current.  We will not accept your child until you pay the amount owed.

Our contract may be ended by either party with two weeks notice.  An exception to the two week notice is if there is a violation to the contract.

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