Our services will be available Monday through Friday from 7:30a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Please discuss needs for care outside these times and I will try to accommodate reasonable request at a possible additional fee.

We offer transportation from school to our daycare or from our daycare to school  5 days a week.

Full time:

Infants (until 2yrs old)                                                 $

Toddlers and Preschoolers                                           $

School aged full day                                                        $

Before – school (7:30 to 11:30)                                     $

After school (2:30 to 5:30)                                            $

Monthly Pre-school Curriculum & Materials              $ 15.00 per child

Yearly non refundable enrollment fee                          $ 25.00 per child or $50.00 per family


All ages                                                                              $

Monthly supplies fee                                                       $

Yearly non refundable enrollment fee                           $ 25.00 per child or $50.00 per           family


Emergency care                                                                 $

Evening and weekend care:                                              $

This payment rate is based on days you agreed to use day care, not the actual attendance of your child, as we must hold a space for your child whether or not he/she is in attendance.

Payment is due in advance weekly or bi-weekly.  Payment is accepted in either cash or check.  There is a $15.00 charge for a returned check, and a $5.00/day fee for late payments.

Once the schedule is adopted, we insist that drop-off time and pick up time are strictly observed.  Because we need time for our own family, and to prevent scheduling conflicts, there will be a late pick-up charge of $5.00 per half an hour per child, if you arrive after your contract hours unless prior arrangements are made. We will attempt to be generous on this since we realize job pressures, traffic, and weather conditions occasionally affect your ability to arrive on time.  However, since a habit of arriving late does affect my family life, I will need to charge late fees if I feel a pattern of late arrival develops.

Please feel free to discuss arrival and drop-off times with us if your needs vary, such as when you or your spouse need to travel for business.  I will attempt to be flexible to meet your needs for occasional early arrival and late pick-up times, but these will need to be exeptions rather than a general rule so as not to unduly impact my own family.

Tuition is subject to change with two weeks notice given to parents.

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