We can only release your child(ren) to the person who is entitled to physical custody of the child(ren). Person not named in the Authorization to leave care can pick up your child(ren) only if they have a dated and signed note authorizing her/him to leave with your child(ren).  Parent(s) can also confirm the arrangements with us by phone or in person beforehand.  Each person even the person with custody who comes to pick up the child(ren) must notify us that they are here to pick up the child(ren).

The child must be brought to the door  and the provider must be told that he/she has arrived.  He/she must be picked up at the door and the provider must be told he/she is leaving.  Please sign the time in and out sheet.

It is necessary, if our daycare is to continue to exist, that neighbors’ driveways be respected and that parents park only in legal spaces.  Please do not double park.  Help us maintain good relations with our neighbors.

No corporal punishment will be used, even if the parent request it.  We will use positive dicipline with your child.  We will direct them to another activity, or as a last resort, use time out.  We will not spank your child.

All young children must nap and older children must have a rest time in the early afternoon each day.

Feel free to help at any time, we usually need parents for some field trips during the year.  If you are available sometimes, Great!

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