Our primary legal obligation at all times is to protect the safety and well being of the children in our care.  Our obligation to the custodial parents is to contact them when an unauthorized person requests or demands that we release the child(ren) to her/him.  If we can do so without risking the children’s safety and well being or our own, resist the demand to let a child(ren) leave with an unauthorized person.

Please let us know right away if you have a custody problem.  Parents should write down the specifics of the situation . Please tell us if you the parent anticipates that someone she/he doesn’t want the child(ren) to leave with will come to pick up the child(ren). Give us the names and relationship of these people and give us a copy of any restraining or protective orders for our file.

We are legally bound to respect the wishes of the parent with physical custody.  Please work out an arrangement and schedule regarding who will pick up the child(ren) and under what circumstances.   We will do our best to help you work this out.

If the person insists, we will call the person with physical custody by phone and inform her/him of the situation, if  this is possible without endangering the children in our care or ourselves.  If the person with physical custody tells us not to release the child(ren), or if we cannot reach her/him and the other person still demands to take the child(ren), we will call the police.  Realistically, we cannot do any more than resist and stall, hoping that the police or the person with physical custody will arrive.

If the family’s custody problem seems to be (or becomes) serious enough either to interfere with our care for the other children or upset us frequently, we may decide that we cannot provide care for your child(ren).  We will give you two weeks notice.

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