Although we are not a trained medical professional, we have been educated in the recognition of infectious childhood diseases and we will attempt to alert you at the first sign of any illness.

In order to protect the health of all children in our care, we will call you at work and request the you pick up your child within one hour if he or she exhibits any of the following symthoms:

  • Fever over 100 degrees Fahrenheit for more than 1 hour
  • Excessive diarrhea or 2 consecutive diapers or toiletings
  • Vomiting in excess of typical infant spit-ups
  • Conjunctivitis (“pink eye”)
  • Persistent complaints of ear or stomach pain
  • Bleeding other than minor cuts and scrapes
  • Excessive greenish nasal discharge, indicating possible infection
  • Head lice

In the event your child is sent hoeme due to one of the above conditions, he or she will not be allowed to return until they have been symptom free for a full 24 hours, or until accompanied by a signed note from your child’s doctor.  This policy is intended to help prevent the unnecessary infection of  the other children in my care.  Although it may seem inconvenient when your child is sent home, you will appreciate knowing your child’s exposure is minimized when other children become ill.

We will not send a child home with a common cold, unless accompanied by a fever or other severe symptoms.  However, many times when yourng children are ill, they may not exhibit “classic” signs of the illness (fever, vomiting,etc) butwill be excessively fussy and/or require constant cuddling and attention.  While we believe inproviding as much cuddling as desired, if a child is ill and requires our undivided attedntion this distracts from our ability to provide quality care toa all the children in the group.  Therefore, if your child reaches a point when he/she requires constant attention, will not play, cries continuously, whines and wants to be help constantly, etc., then your child will need to stay home.

You should expect that any time a new child is introduced to the group, colds and other minor illnesses are likely to occur until everyone’s immune systems have adjusted to the new exposures.  Also, advise me whenever a member of your family has an illness so that we can be alert to the possibility of symptoms developing in the childcare group.

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