Medication, whether prescription or over-the-counter will be given only after a Medication Release Form has been filled out.  We cannot administer the first dose of any medication.

Please ask their pharmacist to divide medications into two bottles, one to be kept at home and one to be kept at the child care facility. Children will be less likely to miss a dose of their prescription due to parents forgetting to bring medications to the facility or to take them home at night.

All medications brought into a child care setting should have child-proof cap and is labeled with your child’s name

Any prescribed medication must have the following:

  • Has the first and last name of the child on the container.
  • Has been prescribed by a licensed health professional. Check to see that the name and phone number of the health professional who ordered the medication is on the container.
  • Is in the original package or container.
  • Has the date the prescription was filled.
  • Has an expiration date.
  • Has specific instructions for giving, storing, and disposing of the medication.
  • Is in a child-proof container.

An over-the-counter medication, such as acetaminophen (Tylenol and other brand names). Over-the-counter medication for each child should be labeled with:

  • The child’s first and last names.
  • The current date.
  • The expiration date.
  • Specific instructions for giving, storing, and disposing of the medication.
  • Name of the health care provider who recommended the medication.

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